Chiropractic and Youth Sports

by drdave on May 31, 2012

Chiropractic and Youth Sports

Chiropractic and Youth Sports

The Chiropractic Lifestyle Reflected in Youth Sports

Youth athletics has always been and will hopefully continue to be one of the most important building blocks of physical, mental, and social growth for the individual and a cornerstone of belonging for the members of a community.

Youth athletics in the U.S. has definitely changed in the past three  decades since I was playing baseball during recess, soccer on the weekends, and tennis across the street where I spent most of my time between waking up and eventually being dragged into the house for a late dinner and then off to bed. Gone are the days when children either had the interest or were allowed to wake up in the morning and race out the door to join their friends for a spirited game of 500 or kick ball in the local field. There is no doubt that most of us see that our children, and in some cases grandchildren, live different lives than we did, but there are still many similarities and opportunities as well.

Chiropractic Lifestyle and Youth Sports

Chiropractic Lifestyle and Youth Sports

Physical, Mental, and Social Benefits

The benefits of team and individual sports are multi-faceted and can be one of the most impactful activities there are for the development of critical thinking, understanding our physical nature, and developing our social selves. Youth athletics stimulates mind, body, and spirit when done responsibly.

The physical component of athletics is important as it strengthens all systems of the body and builds a pattern of control and regulation between the external and internal environment that ensures a balanced and healthy adaptive potential.

The mental component of athletics is founded in the quick decision making and critical thinking that comes with the constantly changing circumstances and possible variables that come with team sports and/or the personal goals and discipline that is necessary to push oneself to succeed in individual sports.

Social growth and self-esteem come from working with others or feeling as though you belong and can contribute to the success of the team or the club in a meaningful way. It is in the discipline, commitment, and follow through that we learn to develop the vision for success and the focus to perform.

Chiropractic HealthChiropractic Lifestyle and Health

As with the Chiropractic Lifestyle and  general health, there are three major components to consider in helping your youth athlete succeed. Youth athletes must understand and develop healthy habits around three major components of healthy living:

  • Movement (Chiropractic care, stretching, rest, posture, flexibility)
  • Nutrition (eat nutritious meals often throughout the day, drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day, eat foods that are more alive than dead)
  • Think positive (regardless of winning or losing, always do your best and have pride in your commitment, effort and outcomes)


Lastly, nurture the most important aspect of youth athletics: make sure to have fun!!

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