Subluxations Interfere With Your Communication System

by drdave on June 8, 2011

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Interference to communication causes a breakdown in your body’s function.
If you place hands over your ears and begin speaking, you will be interfering with a of part of your nervous system to function properly. You obviously can’t hear as well. What would be the easiest way to remove this interference?”
Suppose I was remodeling your house and I cut or nicked your telephone lines or your electrical wires inside the wall with one of my tools? What would happen to your lamps? Appliances? Telephone?
When subluxation occurs the result is like static on your phone line or loss of electrical power. The interference results in a loss of function.
Suppose we disrupted the nerve supply to your heart, how do you think that would affect the function of your heart?
Since subluxations interfere with your ability to function properly, Removing subluxation restores function. At my office, On Track Chiropractic Center, we check everyon for Subluxations and remove them so your body can function free of interferance.

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