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by drdave on November 23, 2010

Could  I Have Taken Chiropractic for Granted?

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Have you ever caught yourself taking some of the blessings in your life for granted?  I recently had a revelation that I may have been taking my Chiropractic care for granted.  Let me explain. 

In my Chiropractic office in Clifton, NJ, I see many people coming in with various subluxation related issues.  It is  interesting to see people who have never been under Chiropractic care, expressing various degrees of health at the expense of their vetebral subluxations.  It is amazing to see those same peoples health sky rocket to their full potential once their subluxations are removed. 

I Should be Shouting Chiropractic from the Roof Tops

You would think that after 13 years of seeing this time and time again, as well as being a patient myself for over 30 years that I would be shouting Chiropractic praises from the roof-tops.  The truth is that I may have taken Chiropractic for granted.  Let me explain even further. 

Here is My Chiropractic Story

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When I was 18, I suffered a fracture in my neck as well as 2 disc herniations in my back while playing high school football.  The severity of both of those injuries as well as related permanent arthritic changes to my spine resulted in me seeking more frequent Chiropractic care than the average person.  This is how I became so interested in Chiropractic care. I practically lived at my Chiropractors office (It helped that my Mom was his office manager).  I often think about what my life would be like if I was not introduced to Chiropractic at that time.  I am certain from my MRI’s,  and seeing people with less spinal damage than I have and being recommended for surgery, that conventional medicine would have had me under the knife years ago.  If I had not been under Chiropractic care for the last 30 years I would not be enjoying the lifestyle that I enjoy today.

What Chiropractic has Given Me

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Its more than just avoiding more breakdown.  I have patients that come in to my office with far less spinal damage than I have, but have been subluxated for years and experience major loss of health.  You see when subluxations are present in the spine they interfere with your nerves ability to carry out normal function.  When the organs and systems in your body get the wrong signals, you can’t be healthy.  So even though I have had permanent damage to the bones in my spine for a long time, I have never gone a long time without having that pressure removed from my nerves (Chiropractic adjustment).  If you have subluxations and have never been adjusted, then you are not  expressing your full health.

Thank God for Chiropractic

So as I look at my life, I have to be grateful for the impact Chiropractic has had on my life.  Not only am I able to enjoy a level of fitness and longevity beyond most people half my age,  but I have the confidence that I will enjoy the rest and best years of my life with the people that I love, ( family, patients, and community).  I have spent a disproportionate  amount of time  talking about Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness etc, and  not put enough emphasis on Chiropractic, which has save my life.  That is all about to change.   I cannot stress enough how important it is to have your spine and nervous system checked for vertebral subluxation.  It is my mission to check as many people as possible for vertebral subluxation and free your nervous system to express your full health potential.   I invite you to remove whats been holding you back from living the life that you deserve!  It’s time for you to get “On Track“!

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