Women in Clifton Keeping “In Step” with Fitness

by drdave on September 1, 2010

Women’s Fitness: Getting and Staying Fit as a Habit

Getting and staying fit are one of the key ‘Habits‘ to ‘Living Longer’.  Finding ways to support your healthy lifestyle is an important job for me at On Track Chiropractic, in Clifton, NJ.

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This week I am focusing on a great Women’s gym in Clifton.  Having known its owner Laurie Kirwin for years, I can attest to her commitment to Women’s fitness, in Clifton.

What You Will See at In-Step Fitness

The dance floor is full.  Women are gyrating their hips, waiving their arms, swinging their hair, and shimmying to pulsating Latin rhythms.  What sounds like a Friday night at a dance club in South Beach is actually the latest fitness craze:  Zumba(zoom-ba).  And its followers insist that it takes the “work” out of “working out”! This just one of the ways Clifton women are getting in shape at In-Step Fitness.

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If you stop by In-Step Fitness in Clifton, NJ, you will experience a motivating and supportive environment for Women to reach their fitness goals.

In-Step Fitness was developed with this in mind, providing a programs based on  individual fitness needs from the beginner level to the most advanced exerciser. You will be able to continually challenge yourself with our weight training equipment. No embarrassing body measurements, just weight and BMI for those who want to keep track of their results.

“It’s all about choices. We will teach you how to workout and show you how to take control of your health”, says owner Laurie Kirwin,  “Members are trained then supervised at all times”.

Your Benefits at In-Step Fitness

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* No charge for additional Personal Training

*Lose Weight and Body Fat

*Increase Lean Muscle & definition

*Improve Cardio Fitness

*Reduce Stress

*Lower your Risk of Heart Disease

*Reduce all Major Health Risks

*Lower your Resting Heart Rate

*Lower your Blood Pressure

*Increase Bone Density with Weight Training

My Fitness Challenge For Women

If you are a woman in the Clifton, New Jersey area and are looking for a comfortable place to support your healthy lifestyle, consider stopping by In-Step Fitness and ask for Laurie.  Tell her Dr. Dave sent you!  As always you can contact me for any further information on how living the Chiropractic lifestyle will help you live a longer, more fulfilling life.

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